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Please fill in as much information as you can.  If your not sure about what content is allowed then check our terms.  Generally any event is allowed we just don’t allow full nudity or vulgar language.   We also ask that your event be local to Vancouver and BC.  If you want to promote an out of province event contact us directly.  This site is designed to feature LGBTQ events however any event that is gay friendly is welcome.  Once you submit the form it will be reviewed, and if everything looks ok the post will be published.   If you have any problems or issues then please contact us for support through our Contact Us page.

TIPS:  if you have a repeat event once the window saying your event has been submitted for review opens, click the ok button and then hit your back button, the page info should still be there and you can then just change the date and submit again for the next event.   You can always contact us if you have any problems.

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